Announcing our August 2015 Delegation to Teosinte:

Please see our Delegation Page for details.

Who do I contact for more information?

  • Sandy Swietlik – 414-416-3209
  • David B. Goehner – 414-517-1688

“Often times people go on mission trips to build something or provide a service.  People traveling to and from Teosinte are building something more fragile, yet more enduring than any building.  We are building relationships.  Our work is driven by the commitment to sustain a reciprocal relationship in which we all learn from each other”.

– Beth Hammer, parishioner of Saint Sebastian Catholic Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.


Saint Sebastian Parish and the community of Teosinte, El Salvador, are walking on the road to EMMAUS. Together, we are Engaging in Ministry and Missionary Activity United in the Spirit!